Cleaning Instructions

Use a clean sponge or a soft cloth and wash the window surface with a mild soap and lukewarm water. Rinse well with clean water. Dry thoroughly with a chamois or moist cellulose sponge to prevent water spots. Do not scrub or use brushes on this product. The following cleaning agents can assist you:

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The following products can be used to remove paint from Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate DON'Ts


Besides the proper care of the polycarbonate, we suggest that you spray the cover with water repellent spray every six months. These are sprayed with industrial strength water repellant prior to shipping (notice the smell). These tend to get wet not only from ice spray, but also from the water bottles that goalies keep on top of the net. In fact they sometimes get drenched. Shoe or boot protector spray should work just fine and should be reapplied twice a year.


The Velco brand fastener used to keep the cover attached to the polycarbonate base can fail over time and come off the base. 'Gorilla brand glue or similar can be used to reattach. Only a few dots (as the glue expands) should be used. DO NOT use 'crazy' glue or 'super' glue, as these products eat through the backing on the Velcro strips.


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