Hardware shipped with your Netcam 3.1 Kit

Along with the Polycarbonate base, your Netcam 3.1 kit will ship with the following items:

(some parts may be interchanged for similar products)

Suggested Photo Equipment

The best high end digital cameras for Netcam 3.1 use are ones with full frame sensors. This would include the Canon 5D, Canon Mark IV and Canon 1DX, 1DXII and the Nikon  D3, D3X. D4, or D700.

Lenses that have been tested and fit inside the box include

These lenses are all of the shorter variety in physical length. Larger lenses will probably NOT fit in the box! The Canon 8-15 does NOT fit.The Nikon 14-24 does NOT fit. If you are not sure of a fit, email us BEFORE purchase.

With this equipment you have enough real estate on the frame to allow for cropping, as it is difficult to aim the Netcam with 100% accuracy to keep the crossbar parallel.

This doesn't preclude you from using other cameras including those with magnification factors, and many photographers are successful using other combinations of camera bodies and lenses. 

ALSO NOTE that with full frame cameras and super wide or fisheye lenses you may experience slight vignetting in the corners of the frame.

As for triggering the camera, the preferred remote is the Pocket Wizard ( You should also invest in the Pocket Wizard (or other brand) pre-release cables which keep the camera "awake" similar to pressing the camera's shutter button half way. We suggest either the Pocket Wizard cable for Canon (CM-N3-ACC-1) or for Nikon (CM-N3-ACC-1). A cute little tidbit buried in the Pocket Wizard instructions mentions limited distance capabilities around "large bodies of water". Hmmmmm, sort of like 85'x200' frozen bodies of water???? We suggest using the wizards on Long Distance Mode. In this mode you will not receive a confirmation tone and visual indication on the transmitter, but your odds of hitting the receiver will be much greater.

Other Suggested Equipment


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